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"Bravest of the brave, most generous of the generous, never had country more faithful friends than you." Those words, written by Sir Ralph Turner, a former officer in the 3rd Gurkha Rifles, in order to describe the Gurkha soldiers who service in Britain, India, Singapore and Brunei as a special arm force. 'It is Better to die than to be a coward' - the motto of the world famous Gurkha Soldiers. They equipped with modern SA80 rifles and are renowned as natural marksmen. But they still carry into battle their traditional weapon - a 16" long curved knife known as Khukuri. In times past, it was said that once a Khukuri was drawn in battle, it had to 'taste blood' - if not, it's owner had to cut himself before returning into its sheath. The Appellation Gurkha - by now the other name of Valor,

Courage, Steadfastness, Loyalty, Neutrality and Impartiality come from the Gorkha, a small hilly town in mid - west Nepal. Now, most of the people say for the legendary Gurkhas - "When his rifle misfires, or when his bullets have run out, a Gurkha draw out his Khukuri and makes his final 'do - or -die' run on the enemy in a fury to finish the business."

The term Gurkhas is traditionally used to describe the men of Nepal who serve as soldiers in the armies of Nepal, Britain, or India. The word Gurkhas originated from Gorkha, a hilly state in Nepal, where king Prithivi Narayan Shah reigned early 17th century. He had very strong, loyal, tough and devoted Gorkhali armies from whose contribute he succeeded in uniting Nepal into one kingdom around 1768-69 AD. In 1814, the war broke out between brave Gorkhali and mercantile East India Company (which is called Anglo - Nepalese War 1814-1816). In that conflict, British in Indian first experience the effectiveness and inner power Gorkhali when they faced the Gorkhali in Western Nepal. After two years bloody campaigns, a peace treaty was signed. During the war, a deep feeling of mutual respect and admiration developed between the British and their adversaries. Although the British defeated Nepal, they were so impressed by the Gurkha fighters that they enticed them to enter the British (and subsequently, Indian) army. Under the terms of the peace treaty, following the war, large numbers of Gorkhali were permitted to volunteer for service in the East India Company and from those volunteers were formed the first regiment of Gurkhas in 1815. Since then, many Nepalese mostly the Rais, Limbus, Gurungs and Magars have served and still serve in the British Army.

The Gurkha Regiments have fought in various conflicts over the following 40 years before proving where their loyalty lay during the Indian Mutiny in 1857. At the outbreak of World War I in 1914, the entire Nepalese Army was placed at the British crown. They fought with bravery in France, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Palestine and Laos. Two Gurkhas won Victoria Crosses, British highest military honor. When the World War II broke out in 1939 the Gurkhas again come to British's aid, more than 112,000 men served in 40 battalions in battles in the Western Desert, Italy, Greece, Malaya, Singapore and Burma. Ten Victoria Crosses were awarded to the Gurkha soldiers.

In the 185 years they have served in the British Army, the Gurkhas have won 26 Victoria Crosses, along with other British military honors, more than any other single group in the army. More than 200,000 Gurkhas fought in two World Wars, with 14,000 killed in engagements in France, Middle East, Malaya, Boreno, Cyprus, and the Falklands. The Gurkhas have loyally fought in nearly all of the World's major wars and have earned Britain's highest service awards. The Gurkhas have earned their fame and have made their mythical and legendary figure toward the world.

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