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Services No.I


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The Gurkha is worthy of notice because of their particular shape knife. And the service no. 1 is the most famous all over the world as it is used by Gorkhas. It is used to all British Gurkha Soldiers on enlistment and retains it throughout their army career. This is used during in warfare. It is made in Dharan using highly graded carbon steel. It has 10. 1/2" long blade and 4.5" long Buffalo horn handle. It is called standard sized Khukuri. The scabbard is standard sized Khukuri. The scabbard is made of Baffalo hide. It weights 700 grams. It is made in Dharan, where there was a large requite camp for Gurkhas.

Services No.II

In the 185 years they have served in the British Army, the Gurkhas have won 26 Victoria Crosses, along with other British military honors, more than any other single group in the army. More than 200,000 Gurkhas fought in two World Wars, with 14,000 killed in engagements in France, Middle East, Malaya, Boreno, Cyprus, and the Falklands. The Gurkhas have loyally fought in nearly all of the World's major wars and have earned Britain's highest service awards. The Gurkhas have earned their fame and have made their mythical and legendary figure toward the world.

All knives are made of Hi-carbon steel using best raw materials by master craftsmen.                                 The largest and best manufacturers and distributors of genuine Gurkha knives and original Nepalese khukuris.                                                       Made by the best makers in the world, "The Biswakarmas" (Born Khukuri Makers).                                Existance and Experience for over 15 years.
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