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Cheetlang Khukuri/Kukri.


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Our special issue comes from Cheetlang village where skillful craftsmen make this special kind of Khukuri/Kukri. Therefore it is called Cheetlange Special. It is similar to Sirupate Khukuri but the handle and the blade of this khukuri is little bit different than Sirupate. The blade is made of highly graded carbon steel and is highly polished. The scabbard is completely different than others. The beautiful handle is made of buffalo's horn, wood, brass or aluminum while the buffalo hide is used to make sheath. It has 12/13" long blade and measures 17" with handle. It is used for cutting pieces of meat, tree branches and similar tasks.


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All knives are made of Hi-carbon steel using best raw materials by master craftsmen.                                 The largest and best manufacturers and distributors of genuine Gurkha knives and original Nepalese khukuris.                                                       Made by the best makers in the world, "The Biswakarmas" (Born Khukuri Makers).                                Existance and Experience for over 15 years.
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